There's never been a better time for basketball nostalgia. Thanks to a global pandemic, the league is shut down indefinitely. League Pass is free to all. And basketball fans, still reeling from the Kobe tragedy, are looking for ways to engage with the game -- if for no other reason than escapism. I am one of those fans.

This is a podcast that rigorously revisits past games, situations, and moments in the NBA and the basketball community at large.

We'll take stats, archives, game tape, past commentary, and events -- weave them into a narrative and place things in a modern context.

Join Vik Singh and guests across the spectrum to look back at granular moments in the sport's history that shaped the game today, that shaped culture today, that shaped us...

Season 1 will focus on Jason Williams AKA J-Dub AKA White Chocolate. New episodes drop soon. You'll be able to find Run it back anywhere you get your favorite podcasts. Coming in April.

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